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Today in DnD

Went to investigate why our Elven bard was being targeted for assassination. A bartender/ owner of a pub tried to poison him (but I caught that he made his drink different from the rest of ours). We weren’t able to find out why last session, but today, I took advantage of a distraction the bouncers had to deal with and found a secret passage behind the bar area. We left, but came back at 3am to break in (without a trace). We entered the hidden area and open a chest, to watch documents instantly start to burn. We put out the flames and freeze the documents, but only get fragments of information. We find the symbol of Kinanjar (something demonic as fuck), and know we stumbled on to something big (The campaign so far has had small attempts on our Elf’s life, since he was framed for a noble murder/ a loose end). 

Came up with the idea to ransack the place even though we damaged nothing getting in. Leaving just the documents damaged would lead to suspicion, so we start to make it look like a robbery. The elf makes a LARGE crash noise (dem nat 1’s) and guards are alerted. We tried to hide, but nope; they found us. We end up killing the guards (for the greater good… my character is lawful good, and was convinced by the rest of the party that in order to save lives we had to bend the rules). Feeling bad, we escape without being seen (after our gnome sorcerer thought it’d be a great idea to launch a fireball at the gases in the basement/ out house connection/ secret escape route and notifies several guards).

We all sleep, and the elf and I decided to go to a place of worship to figure out any clues about the symbol we found. We’re given information, but the clerics/ paladins begin to question us as suspects. We’re TAKEN in to custody (my character extremely upset as he’s lawful good) and accused of the murders at the pub. The guards try hard to make us admit to it, but they leave me, the elf, and someone who’s actually involved with the symbol alone. I tell the elf to cast suggestion and make the other guy admit to all he’s done and clear our names. WORKS. We get set free and meet up with the rest of our group.

Very fun play through. Last play through we beat an arena tryout, and have a week to get to a Dwarven city for the REAL Arena games (which I’m excited about, because I can investigate my past and possibly craft some better weapons/ get better enchantments) That, and it takes several days to travel there, so we’ll probably come across some sort of resistance from the evil group out to get our elf (and us now for protecting him).

I’m getting everyone to do their voices for their characters too. I may not know all of the rolls and stats I need to be good, but I’m rather good at the role playing aspect. DnD is fun as hell. Nothing but pure imagination and acting.

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Come dance.

If I’m wrong
Come take a stance.

Move with me
Or just stand still.

With or without you.
I’ll climb this hill.

I will lead
They will follow

Reverberating light
Within my hollow

This shell I carry
Til adrenal end

At home i’ll stay
For my wounds to mend